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Great unpublished history!

Bill Cheall fought at Dunkirk, North Africa and Sicily, was in the first wave on Gold Beach on D-Day, and finally went to Germany. Since Bill's WW2 memoirs were published, many former comrades and families have come forward with stories and diaries of their own, all forming part of the jigsaw of Bill's war. The aim of these podcasts is to bring the memories to life and honour the soldiers, airmen and seamen who were connected to Bill in some way.

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Paul Cheall

Monday, 24 July 2017

15 The WWII Poems of Sapper John Frederick Smith

15 The WWII poems of Sapper John Frederick Smith

Great, unpublished history!  

In April 1940 John went to France with the British Expeditionary Force as a sapper in the Royal Engineers.  |  And he took his weapons of choice with him - gun, pencil and paper!

Poignant poetry of loyalty and comradeship, crafted during the London Blitz bombing! 

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wwii poems of John Smith

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